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Radiological barriers and controls




  • 50% of fuel pins failed from overheating
  • 0.5% of total activity was released into coolant
  • Immediate evacuation out to 2 km
  • Doses less than 1 mSv
  • Release of 20 TBq; 10% 131I, 5% 137Cs


An accident at a nuclear power station, involving overheating of the fuel, led to failure of about half of the fuel pins and a subsequent release of radioactive material. Failure of about half the fuel pins, without significant fuel melting, would release about 0.5% of the total core inventory. Local police, in consultation with the licensee and the regulatory authority, took the immediate decision to evacuate people within a 2 km radius of the facility and as a result, no one received doses above 1 mSv. Assessment of the release by experts at the facility suggested that the total activity of about 20 TBq comprised 10% 131I, 5% 137Cs and the remaining was made up of noble gases.

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Figure 4, page 145 of the Manual

Figure 5, page 146 of the Manual

Calculate radiological equivalence

Here's the calculation:

10% of the total release of 20 TBq was 131I = 2 TBq 131I
5% of the total release of 20 TBq was 137Cs = 1 TBq 137Cs
The rest was noble gases and adds nothing to the calculation

(40 x 1(137Cs)) + (1 x 2(131I)) = 42 TBq 131I

Level 4 defines that the release should be:
“of the order of tens to hundreds of TBq 131I”

The lower boundary for Level 4 is about 50 TBq 131I. (footnote 2, page 17 of the Manual)

The rating based on activity release is very close to Level 4

Note that "Immediate evacuation out to 2 km" is not relevant for rating. Doses were less than 1 mSv so Level 0 is based on individual dose.

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Figure 6


0.5% of the total activity was released into coolant

To rate an event at Level 4 based on the criteria related to impact on radiological barriers and controls at facilities requires:
Release from the fuel assemblies > 0.1% of the core inventory of a power reactor

The overall rating for the evacuation near a nuclear reactor is Level 4, based on fuel damage.