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This interactive learning tool will help you to understand and apply the methodology for rating the safety significance of a nuclear or radiological event on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, INES. This e-learning tool is based on the INES User’s Manual, 2008 Edition (hereafter referred to as the Manual). Before you begin: you will need to have the Manual with you, or you can access it here. The Manual is also available on the above menu bar.

It is assumed that you are familiar with the background of INES and its general structure, but if not you will find a simple overview of INES by following the link below:

The rating methodology is summarized in the Manual through a series of flowcharts. You will see them in chapter 7, page 144 of the Manual. We will be referring to specific sections of the flowcharts throughout the programme.

Starting at the beginning with the People and the environment overview, you will be able to follow the e-learning tool through each of the modules to the end. Alternatively, you can jump into the programme at your chosen module. Collapse the header to see more of the module on each page using the arrow on the black title bar.